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This informative guide is for anyone looking to join the "Healthy Hair Tribe". In this book, you will learn various causes for hair loss, how to prevent or slow hair loss. and how to care for and maintain healthy hair.

In this book you will learn about 

  • Hair Porosity
  • Hair Loss Factors
  • Alopecia
  • Causes & Treatment for Hair Loss and Alopecia
  • Treatments
  • Trims
  • Protective Styling
  • Damaging Protective Styling
  • Medication
  • Diet
  • Hair Care Routine 
  • Products 
  • & So much more.

The better you understand your hair the better you can treat it and maintain healthy hair. Remember your journey is that YOUR JOURNEY! 

Hair care isn’t a one size fits all that’s why it’s important to learn YOUR HAIR!!!

This is an E-Book so you will receive an automatic download with 48 hours or purchase. If you don’t receive your download within 48 hours please reach out at 

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